onsdag 24. april 2019

How Microsoft Information Protection (AIP) protects data

Most of these blog posts are created from questions I receive from customers and participants in my Information Protection workshops, and this is no different. There are always questions on how data is protected, what kind of encryption is used, if Microsoft can read the data and so on, so I wanted to try to clarify some of these things here. This is intended for those of you who are new to AIP and encryption, and for deep dives into cryptography there are way better sources out there.

tirsdag 23. april 2019

Azure Information Protection and Unified labeling

If you are working with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) chances are you have heard the term Unified labeling. If you have been working with AIP, you have probably heard or seen references to activating unified labeling. 

onsdag 10. april 2019

What is MIP? (Microsoft Information Protection)

I think most of us who have been working with Microsoft cloud (Azure) have heard about MIP, but not everyone knows what it is, because this question comes up more often than one should think, based on how much information has been released about it since last Ignite. Some have asked me if MIP is just AIP (Azure Information Protection) renamed, but this is not the case. 

tirsdag 12. mars 2019

mandag 11. mars 2019

Add your own sensitive info types to use in sensitivity labels

As you probably know Microsoft has provided us with a list of predefined sensitivity types that follows us around wherever we can configure labels etc. It is getting better and better as more types are added, but we may not find all the types we would need for a setup, and that's why I want to show you how you can add your own sensitivity types.

onsdag 6. mars 2019

How to work with a mix of AIP P1 and P2 licenses

Just to get this out of the way: Yes, there are several ways to license AIP. You can get it through AIP license (P1/P2), Enterprise Mobility + Security license (E3/E5), the rather new Information and Compliance policy and also some Office 365 licenses. Just think of my references to P2 as the “upgraded basic” (P2/E5 etc.) 

tirsdag 5. mars 2019

What happens to protected content if I delete an AIP label?

Just a short blog post today. What happens to protected content if you delete a label? Yes, that is a question I have been asked a few times. Will I lose access to the protected content if the label that has protected it is deleted? That would be pretty bad right?

mandag 4. mars 2019

Azure Information Protection client and portal confusion

As many of you know there are now two places to create labels (Azure Portal and Office 365 Security portal) and we also have two different AIP clients. One client for each portal really, one of them is the good old AIP client that we know from earlier, and then there is another: The AIP client with Unified Labeling.

onsdag 2. januar 2019

AIP in the Azure portal

One of my first (and most read) blog posts was AIP – Policies, Labels, templates and protection explained.

The thing is, AIP has changed so much, it really isn't as useful as it once was back in the day (close to a year ago). Not only have the views changed, but it has become (as I see it at least) easier. I thought we should just take a quick look at how things look in the Azure portal these days.

End of support for the Rights Management sharing application

The Rights Management sharing application for Windows has been around for a while, and maybe some of you out there are still using it? Then it is time to do something about that. On January 31st, 2019 the application has it’s end of support. 

fredag 30. november 2018

tirsdag 27. november 2018

Migrate labels from the Azure Portal to Office 365 Security & Compliance Center

For those of us who has done a lot of AIP work in the Azure Portal, or just want to move labels from the Azure portal to Unified labels in the Security & Compliance Center, this might help to do the actual migration.

mandag 19. november 2018

Unified Labeling, and migration of labels to the Office 365 Security and Compliance center.

After Ignite, there has been some interest around changing the way we work with labels and protection. Many of us may want to to do our work in Office 365 Security & Compliance Center, which may seem to be where Microsoft is putting in their effort. 

tirsdag 16. oktober 2018

How to start your AIP project with only a selected group of users.

I am sometimes asked if AIP needs to be visible to all users, and usable by all users when customers are starting a PoC or just want to play around with the security settings in AIP. 

fredag 28. september 2018

Microsoft Information Protection (MIP). Yet another abbreviation you need to know about?

If you are following the news from Ignite, you might have heard the abbreviation MIP. Forget AIP. The big news is MIP someone said to me. Sounds a little dramatic right? Is AIP really dead? Well, to calm down everyone who has invested time and effort into AIP: MIP is not taking over for AIP, it is rather a new umbrella that includes AIP and a lot of other security solutions. It can be seen as a new step in the evolution of Microsoft’s overall information protection strategy. 

fredag 21. september 2018

Creating a scoped Policy and linking it to a label.

In my previous posts I have mentioned scoped policies a few times. The policy that is included from the start and that will be available for everyone default is the Global Policy. Sometimes that will be all you need, but there are situations where protecting content for groups of people, like the HR department for instance, will be required.

tirsdag 18. september 2018

The AIP Scanner, licensing, usage and more.

Previously I have promised that I would write a post about the AIP scanner, how it is installed and more, but the good installation guides from Microsoft rendered this kind of unnecessary.

Security in the cloud, and how functionality in AAD and AIP can help us. (link to Norwegian blog post)

I usually do all of my content in English and won't make a habit of this, but I have added this for those of you who understands Norwegi...